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    Invite your friends and family and get $10 car2go credit for every person you bring into the car2go community.

    Now’s the perfect time to get your network onboard and share the magic that car2go has already brought you. In the spirit of carshare, share the gift of free registration for friends and family, and get a little something for yourself on the side.

    Whenever you refer your friends, coworkers and family members to join car2go, you will get a $10 car2go credit* per referral.

    Friends and family sign up for free and receive a $10 car2go credit with your new personal promo code. 

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    *Referral car2go credit is applied to your default payment profile, is valid for 30 days and is only redeemable in the country they are issued in. A taxable $1 Driver Protection Fee will be applied to each member's first 200 trips of each calendar year.




    Receive $10 car2go credit for every friend that signs up.


    1. Enter the e-mail address associated with your car2go account.
    2. Create your own promo code and share it with friends.
    3. Once your friends are members, your car2go credit will be uploaded to your account.
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    1. Provider Information, Scope
    The “car2friend” referral program is an offer of car2go N.A., LLC and car2go Canada Ltd. (collectively, “car2go”). Every active car2go member (“referring member”) can refer interested relatives, friends, and acquaintances (each a “referred individual”) to car2go. If the referred individual becomes an approved car2go member, car2go will credit the referring member’s personal car2go account with credits. The amount of referral credit earned per referral will depend on the promotion running at the time that the referred individual is approved as a car2go member. To take part in this referral program, these Conditions of Participation apply exclusively to the car2friend referral program. 

    2. Requirements for Participation
    To take part in the car2friend referral program, the referring member must be an active car2go member at the time of the referral and approval of the referred individual as a car2go member pursuant to car2go’s Terms and Conditions.

    The referral codes may be redeemed solely in Canada and the United States. Additionally, the referring member may only send a referral code to individuals that they knows personally by e-mail, Facebook private message, Twitter direct message, or verbally.

    The referring member is not an agent of and is not authorized to act on behalf of car2go, and cannot use any of car2go’s trademarks or logos without the written consent of car2go. Under no circumstances is the referring member entitled to accept offers or make or receive declarations on car2go’s behalf.  

    Directors, officers, and employees of car2go, their parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, agencies, and advisors and the immediate families of each, are not eligible to receive referral credits in connection with this program.

    3. Credits

    Referring members will receive credits one time for each new, unique, approved member that they refer, subject to the following conditions:

    • The referred individual does not have or has not yet had or previously registered for an account with car2go. 
    • The referred individual must correctly enter the referral code in the designated field during registration.
    • The referred individual is approved by car2go as a car2go member.

    It may take up to eight working days for the referral credit to be applied to the referring member’s account. Unused credits expire 45 days after crediting and are not transferable or redeemable for any form of cash or other credit.  

    The referring member is eligible to receive referral credit via the referral program for a maximum of 10 referrals per calendar year.

    The referring member may not distribute the referral code to people who the referring member does not know personally or who do not wish to be referred to car2go. Further, the referring member is not permitted to publish the referral code publically (including, but not limited to, by publishing on Internet forums, coupon platforms, etc.) or gain any monetary compensation in disclosing the referral code. 

    If car2go is made aware of a violation of these conditions, car2go reserves the right to suspend the referring member’s referral code and revoke any credits issued to the referring member in connection with the referral code and the car2friend referral program.

    4. Cancellation or Modifications of the car2friend program
    car2go reserves the right to cancel, replace, or modify the car2friend program without notice

    5.  Miscellaneous provisions
    The law of the State of Texas shall apply to these conditions.

    Should individual provisions herein be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

    The current conditions can be viewed at

    Last updated: 02/02/2017

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