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    *Credit is valid for 30 days in all car2go locations in your country and can only be applied to trips charged to your default payment profile. 

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    Terms and Conditions of car2friend Participation 

    1. Provider information, area of application

    The referral programme "car2friend" is an offer of car2go Deutschland GmbH, Fasanenweg 15-17, 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen (hereinafter called "car2go"). Every car2go member (reference customer) can recommend car2go to their relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Upon conclusion of a valid contract the recruited person and car2go carried out under the following conditions car2go credit will be credited (action depends) on the private standard payment profile reference customers. To participate in such programme only the following terms and conditions apply. Deviating conditions will not be accepted.

    2. Requirements for participation

    To participate in the car2friend program the reference customer shall fulfill the following conditions:

     The reference customer is an active car2go customer by the time of the referral and the concluding of the contract between the new customer and car2go.The reference customer will send a recommendation email or a link on Facebook, Twitter, or by personal referral to known receivers. The promotional codes can be redeemed in any European car2go country. The reference customer is not allowed acting on behalf of car car2go. Under no circumstances is the reference customer allowed to accept offers or to make statements or answer on behalf of car2go.

    car2go disapproves of any form of unfair influence. The reference customer will refrain from giving false statements and false information about the car2go products, in particular to the relevant contractual conditions. The reference customer is allowed using referral emails or links, with exception of trademarks, service marks, logos and products of car2go only as long as a written agreement of car2go or the third party is available. This applies in particular to the use of trademarks, service marks, logos and products of car2go within online advertising and especially when used as a keyword in the context of display and search advertising.

    3. car2go credit

    Prerequisite for participation in the referral program and obtaining car2go credit is the sending of a personal promotion code on, via email, the Facebook application on the car2go fan page, Twitter or personal disclosure. Prerequisite for participation in the referral program and obtaining car2go credit is the sending of a personal promotion code though, by email, through the Facebook app on the car2go fan page, Twitter or personal disclosure. The reference customer receives car2go credit for the recruited customer orders according to the actual conditions as on a) The car2go credit will be credited to the reference customer only, if the recruited person(new customer) fully registers online with the personal promotion code on, the driver’s license is validated and the validation fee for the driver’s license validation is received. To this end the recruited person (new customer) must personally submit the appropriate documents, as well as have their driver’s license checked at a validation point. A multiple credit of the car2go credit in case of mediation through other variable pay programmes or commission systems of car2go is excluded. The right to claim car2go credit is only given with the initial placement of a contract. Other, especially without interaction by the reference customer  between the customer and car2go.

    Further agreements, in particular those, concluded without interaction of reference customer between the customer and car2go and contract extensions of previously mediated contracts that occur automatically in the event of late cancellation by the customer or mandated by it or on the initiative of car2go, give no right to car2go credit.

    b) The recruited person (new customer e credit of the car2go credit and reducing the validation fee only if

        He/she does not or did not have a car2go yet

        He/she enters the personal promotion code during the in the appropriate field

         during the registration, so that an assignment can be done

        The registration/validation through the car2go membership is completed through the car2go membership (s.b. under 3. a)) and after the validation fee is received. The current conditions can be viewed on Until the respective car2go credit are credited on the account, it can take up to 8 working days. Unused car2go credit will expire 30 days after the credit and are not transferable

    4. Customer privacy

    The disclosure of promotional codes to persons, that are not personally known by the reference customer or that do not wish to receive the referral, as well as any form of business to business use, or use on a commercial scale is prohibited. In particular, it is not permitted to forward the promotion code to unknown or indeterminate groups of people (for example, by publishing in Internet forums, coupon sites, etc.) or those that are known to use them as part of affiliate or comparable activities. It is under their responsibility to obtain the consent of the new customer, before forwarding their personal data on to us. The reference customer undertakes to use the newly received personal data of customers only in compliance with applicable data protection regulations.

    Customer data will not be used to market or sell products and or services of other companies nor will it be handed to third parties. The use of this data is only permitted on the basis of these conditions of participation and in the context of proposed tasks.


    5. Discontinuation of the car2friend program

    car2go reserves the right to discontinue the car2friend program without naming any reasons while upholding justified interests or to replace it with a different program. As appropriate this will be communicated by car2go with sufficient notice. Farther-reaching rights are not affected by this.


    In case of a violation of the conditions of participation, i.e. if abused or when knowingly submitting wrong information, car2go reserves the right to exclude the respective car2go customer from the recommendation program and/or to delete his car2go account immediately. The right to block a customer already upheld should any objective suspicious facts exist, at least for the duration of a sufficient examination of the situation. Farther-reaching claims (especially claims for damages) are not affected by this.


    6. Changing the program or the conditions of participation

    car2go reserves the right to change or add to the car2friend program or its conditions of participation, should this be in the interest of easy and secure processing, especially to prevent misuse and the participants are not treated in bad faith hereby.


    7. Final remarks

    The regulations of the German judicial system apply, should international consumer protection law not mandatorily be applicable. Should some regulations be or become void, the validity of the other regulations will not be affected.

    Status from: 11.04.2016

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